Jan 2021 Additions to Our Collection

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When you realize your loving family only bought you one board game for Christmas… Dec 26th in Canada is Boxing Day, traditionally a day of deals and discounts. During the COVID-19 strickened year, Boxing Day took on a different look. But as gamers it’s a great chance to front load games for 2021. We made a number of additions on Boxing Day. Here’s what we added to our Board Game Collection and why:


This has been very difficult to obtain in Canada. In the US Parks has seen mass distribution in Barnes & Nobles, amongst others. This has not been the case in Canada. After being sold out for nearly a year, copies began to show up at online retailers in early December. We were lucky to grab one of the few remaining copies in Canada on Boxing Day. As avid runners & hikers, the game theme is brilliant.  In addition Lisa is considering this game as travel research.  She is determined to make this one of our camping games which hopefully will include some of the US National Parks soon.

Curious Cargo

We love dedicated small box 2 Player only games. Typically these are lighter. Curious Cargo breaks this mould, offering a heavier experience in a small box with a lower price tag. We are very eager to see how the double-sided player boards add to replayability.

Tang Garden

Theme & Components won out. We have a number of tile laying games, but nothing in the genre with this level of table presence. The inclusion of different characters should aid in replayability.


The heaviest game of the order. We love our Feld games, and this looked like a good meaty game. The theme is a little is not necessarily one that would jump out at us, but by all accounts the mechanics and gameplay are solid.

Rajas of the Ganges Roll & Write 

We played the full version of Rajas of the Ganges at a board game con. Many online states this game has nearly the depth of the full version. We love the minimal set-up time of roll & writes, as well as ease of transport and shelf space conservation.

Imhotep Duel

Yet another Phillip Walker-Harding game in our collection! His games are light on rules and offer interesting decisions. Another ‘Patchwork’ sized game that is dedicated to 2 Players, we couldn’t say no to the price/value combo that this game (should) provide.

Many of these will end up in our 21×10 for 2021. Stay tuned for that post!

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