Nanga Parbat Replayability Review

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Nanga Parbat is a set collection mountain climbing and survival themed game about hiking the Nanga Parbat Mountain with some twists and turns.

In this game players compete to build up their base camps, collect sets of like and dislike animals all while paying attention to their opponent. On your turn you capture an animal and move the guide.  You will have the option to use one of your animal powers,  trade in a set for points or trade in your hikers on the board for base camp tents.

Board Game Scores & Ranks:

  • BGG Weight: 2.20
  • Play time: 30 Mins
  • Player Count: 2 player only
  • Year Published: 2021

Nanga Parbat Board Game Designer:

Stephen Finn

Game Mechanisms:

  • Set Collection
  • Resource Management
  • Area Management
  • Unique Scoring Track

Board Game Theme:

The Real Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat Mountain is the 9th largest mountain in the world standing 8,126 metres (26,660 ft) above sea level.

Goal of Game:

Collect most VP by end  game. You collect VPs through set collection, resource drafting, and personal goals (expansion).

Interesting Elements:

You will be moving the guide from mountain ridge to mountain ridge each turn based on a clever numbered mechanism.  

Each animal you collect has bonus powers to allow you to manipulate the board meeples and animeeples.  This mechanic allows you to benefit yourself or hurt your opponent. 


Player board with animal power iconography

Crunchy Decision Making

Cash in your sets too early when they are small you will get less points, though don’t wait too long or the point slot may be taken by your opponent.  

The point scale varies based on the size of your set, with limited number of VP locations to put your scoring cube.  This adds a race component to your collecting.  

Variable point scale can be found in the upper left hand corner

Board Game Replayability Review:

8 / 10 (Goes the Distance)

Based on 12 Plays

  • Animal meeples are set out randomly each time 
  • High player interaction 
  • Advanced cards that allow you to have a hidden scoring bonus provides progression
  • Animal powers that allow you to manipulate the board – always something advantageous to do
  • Some crunchy decisions in a light-weight game
  • Quick and easy set up 
  • Straightforward rulebook and easy teach (includes a player aid)
  • Phenomenal job on the artwork and meeples
  • This game plays quickly, has great player interaction and AMAZING animeeples

Who is this Game For?

We recommend this game for new gamers or experienced gamers looking for a filler or low stress game. The bright colours, fun animeeples make it an attractive game to introduce to families as older children may play it together or parents can play, once the kids are asleep.

For us, Nanga Parbat Goes the Distance and is staying in our collection.

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