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➡️ Gameplay and Theme 

Food Truck Entrepreneur is 1-4 player game about running your own food truck as an entrepreneur. The production is awesome with little food truck meeples and plastic food-eeples for your inventory.  

As you race around the board to outsell your competitors, you can hire the right employees, pay back your loans, and meet your customers’ needs all while donating to charity, picking up inventory and stopping at the bank to make deposits and pay your employees.

➡️ Educational Benefit

It teaches inventory control, cash flow, target market and a touch of philanthropy!  The overall gameplay is fairly simple for kids to be able to learn and jump right in.  If you want to teach your kids about money, basic business terms and responsibilities this is a neat theme to hold their attention.    It is also relatively short (approximately 30 minutes) in comparison to a game of monopoly. 

I have used it in a classroom and the kids had fun with the race aspect and providing customers with their desired products.  They enjoyed that they were managing money, building their communication skills in person and learning some business basics all while being unplugged.  It also plays well as a solo game.

Each player runs their own food truck, either the taco, ice cream, french fries or hot dog.

➡️ Do you use board games as a family friendly unplugged way to develop transferable skills?

Plastic food-eeples that act as your inventory/ food to sell to customers.

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