Become a superhero in Marvel Dice Throne

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The 4 character box set – Scarlet Witch, Thor, Loki and Spider Man was our first introduction into the Dice Throne System. Not only do we love the Marvel IP, but we are also enjoying how easy it is to get this game to the table with the Gamer Trayz.

You are in a head-to-head battle with the other characters. The characters have asymmetric powers and unique upgrades.

The beauty of this box of characters is that they come with varying degrees of difficulty, meaning that it is extremely easy to learn the game and play simpler characters and then opt for the more difficult characters as your hone your skill set and understanding of the game play.

➡️ Replayability

– Dice Chucker (inherently variable)
– Characters have asymmetric powers allowing for unique combinations and endless possibilities
– Characters have different levels of difficulty making the game accessible to all levels of gamers
– Quick and easy setup/clean-up
– Additional characters can be purchased and played in any combination

Each player receives 2 dials (combat points and health), a player board, deck of cards, unique set of dice, cardboard chits and a gamer trayz to keep everything organize for an easy set up.

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