Astra is an astronomical first game for Mindclash Play

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♈ Astra is the inaugural game from Mindclash Play a part of Mindclash who is known for Anachrony, Cerebria and Trickerion.  Mindclash Play will focus on games that are accessible to all players especially those new to the hobby. Astra is a medium-light game with a 2.0 out of 5.00 weight on BoardGameGeek.

This is the 2 player setup.

Gameplay and Theme 

♉The game is extremely accessible to all levels of gamers and plays in 30-60 minutes based on player count from our experience.  

♊Astra is an extremely interactive abstract strategy game with a variety of mechanics including resource management (stardust and telescopes), card collection, asymmetric card powers with a race element.  There are two tracks that you will need to work your way up to allow you to possess more cards (Wisdom) and attain more room in your stardust pouch (# of a resource you obtain upon rest).

♋Every player is actively engaged during other players turns as the method of card collection is based on completing the ‘observation’ of an astrological display (i.e. Taurus) where multiple players could have contributed to each card and therefore receive a boon (benefit) when the card is collected by another player.  This aspect of the game creates an interesting element of strategy to your decision making process as you may desire the boon more than the power itself.

♌The game is played over various phases.  At times you will rest (skip) a phase to gain resources; therefore, you will never be in a situation with no resources and nothing to do.  This aspect of the game keeps all players actively doing something each turn and based on the resource status of other players, this may affect the actions you take on your turn.  

The cards are dry erase which adds to the ease of gameplay management.

Production Quality 

♍As we are used to with Mindclash productions (Anachrony, Trickerion, Cerebria), Astra is no different, the dry erase player mats and taro-sized cards are of a high quality along with plastic gem resources to give you that tactical feeling while playing.  


♎ The replayability of Astra comes from:

  • Simple ruleset and excellent player aids
  • Quick setup time
  • Accessible to all player levels (group play) 
  • Tight gameplay at all player counts due to the 2 player variant
  • Player count specific game boards maintain interaction
  • Large variety of cards (randomization)
  • Interactive/ play-the-player
Player aid for 2 player games

Who is this game for?

♏Fabulous for all levels of gamers; especially those who do not like ot be limited or restricted based on randomization of resource pools. 

♐Experienced gamers will enjoy the interactive aspects of the game. If you enjoy very little down time and being engaged in all players’ turns this will check the box.  

♑It will be a great filler game or just a medium-light game for when you are short on time.  

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