Museum: Pictura Review

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?️?Curate your own Painting Collections in Museum Pictura??️

?You are curating your own museum collections through the use of set collection, pattern building and goal fulfilment.

?At lower player counts there is minimal interaction, though with the style of turn order and ability to select cards from the other player’s discard pile you are definitely attentive during the other players’ turns. There is little down time, keeping the game and decision making involved throughout the entire game.

?You score prestige (points) throughout the game as well as end game scoring, therefore it is essential that you are aware of the current goals and your private goal as the game progresses. The unique mechanics include the fact that a card laid is not a card played as you are able to rearrange your player board to maximise your patterns for goal fulfilment.

?Overall, we had a great time playing this game and with the large variety of paintings and goal cards you will be able to create endless combinations and ample replayability.

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