Wingspan: Oceania Expansion Replayability Review

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Explore the Oceania countries via their birds in the newest expansion for Wingspan

The expansion adds a variety of new elements to the game from new round goals, a plethora of new cards including some with end game bonuses (a new power), new player boards to the most notable change the addition of a new wild resource called nectar.  

The nectar token adds a variety of new elements to the game from being a wild resource, to being a perishable resource in that you have to discard any unspent nectar at the end of a round.  Nectar is also used as a new scoring mechanism, where you ‘store’ your spent nectar for each area (water/trees/etc.) and score points based on who has the most/second most nectar for that row.  

The new player boards add in a variety of variances from the number of cards that need to be played to gain additional dice from the bird feeder to the ability to spend food/cards/eggs for bonus resources. 

New Birds, Tokens, Eggs, Boards

The new goals include abstract elements like the direction the birds on your board are facing to specific bird diets such as wheat + fruit. 

In addition to the above the inclusion of an abundance of brilliantly drawn bird cards from the Oceania area are breathtaking and add increased variety from the flightless birds that act as having a ‘wild’ wingspan to the new requirements of nectar specifically add various new strategies to try out.  

I find the variety of end game bonuses and goals have removed the end game ‘VP egg spamming’ that we occasionally ran into.  

Overall, I believe that Oceania expansion adds an enormous amount of replayability to an already solid game. 

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