Tapestry: Arts & Architecture Expansion

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We have had Tapestry base game for about a year now and have added both expansions to the game.

Today we’ll look at the newest expansion Tapestry family: Arts & Architecture. This expansion builds on the previous expansion, Plans & Ploys.

However, you do not need to own Plans & Ploys to get a great experience out of Arts & Architecture.

Expansion & Update Pack

The great thing about these Tapestry expansions is that they help update, even fix, some of the common issues many had with the base game. This is namely rebalancing of Civs, variability to the start of the game, and then simply just more of the good stuff.

What’s in the box

In Arts & Architecture you’ll get a number of various modules, all of which can be added into the base game without adding too much overhead complexity:

  • Additional tapestry cards
  • Additional civilization mats
  • Landmark cards for starting goals
  • Landmark tokens and minis
  • Brand New 5th Track: The Arts track
  • Masterpiece cards
  • New Space die (with arts)
  • Inspiration tiles

Brand New Arts Track

The biggest addition to the game is the new, 5th track. This new Arts track is placed adjacent to the main board.

The board provides a new way to gain income throughout the game by purchasing new Masterpiece cards, which provide bonuses. Another interesting thing about this track is the resource payment when moving up. On this track you typically pay non-matching resources to move up, making it easier to spend those last few resources towards round end.

More to See, Do, Explore

In-Game Board. Note new Tapestry Cards, Masterpiece Income Card, Landmarks & Income Track

The new landmarks are fun, as are the new tapestry cards. The Civs have been rebalanced, there are new solo cards that incorporate the Arts track, and new income tiles that change up the resources you’ll gain on the income phase. There’s just more to see, do and explore in each game.

If you were to go out and buy only one of the expansions we certainly believe that the new A&A adds a great deal more to the overall gameplay and opportunities to enhance the replayability of Tapestry the most.

We believe both expansions are a good value for what comes in the box, and if you’re a Tapestry fan this will add many, many more plays to your copy of Tapestry.

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