Undaunted: North Africa

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1st Impression

So far we have played 2 of the 11 scenarios. In my opinion this is an introduction to war games through the familiar deck building mechanism. 

This is a 1 vs 1, head to head combat taking place in North Africa, take the side of the Italian or British forces and lead your troops to either destroy structures or to control them.  All while bolstering your troops, attacking and avoiding incoming attacks.  

 The overall rules overhead are simple and the game comes with a great reference sheet for each action at the back of the scenario book. 

Scenario Book

The setup is slightly time consuming as you need to build the modular board, decks and supply for each scenario. The scenario book is well laid out and the tiles are labelled to assist with the setup. 

Scenario with Modular Board in the background

The variable nature of the dice attacks keeps the game interesting as does the limited supply of each type of soldier.  When your deck runs out of a certain soldier, the token is removed from the board.  In some scenarios this prevents you from winning as you may need one of their actions to complete your mission (i.e. control).  

As a non-war gamer I am enjoying the tactical nature of the game and look forward to playing the other 9 scenarios. 

Modular Board during a Scenario Play Through

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