Terraternity: The Energy Challenge Review

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Game Overview

Can you make earth carbon neutral? This is a worker placement, resource management and dexterity game where you are developing power plants in various countries to make them carbon neutral.

Board Game Scores & Ranks:

  • Play Time: 90-120 Mins
  • Player Count: 2-4 players
  • Year Published: 2022 (review based on prototype)

Board Game Designer:

  • Udo Neumann

Game Play

Game board and player flags

The game takes place over 10 years (rounds) or less based on the number of disasters (5 and you lose) or the number of carbon neutral countries (Cooperative – 8, Competitive – 5 and you win and a solo mode where you play against the board)

On your turn you have 3 action dice to play where you are playing action cards, activating countries, hiring workers, building power plants, trading resources and more.

During your turn any CO2 you produce has to be carefully stacked on the globe platform, if you knock off any cubes…disaster strikes and you may just find your workers in the hospital.

Country and Power Plant Cards with workers

Theme & Components:

The theme is dripping throughout the game from the actual game play where you produce CO2 and neutralize it to the cards that not only have pertinent information for the game but also facts about the countries including a QR code for more information. The game does a fabulous job of breaking the ice on the conversation of climate change.

Recessed player boards with player aid

The prototype is one of the nicest ones we have played with indented player boards, custom meeples and has a 3D globe platform. The components are made of sustainable products such as wood over plastic, cotton bag over plastic and environmentally safe inks.

Who is this game for?

As this game comes with a competitive, cooperative and solo mode and three different difficulty levels based on the globe platform size (for stacking CO2 cubes) most gamers will find a happy medium. The different sized platforms also enhance the scaling at different player counts.

The theme is also a fantastic ice breaker to the conversation of sustainability for all generations; making this a great family and educational game.

Three different Terraglobe platforms for CO2 cubes to increase/ decrease difficulty – also scales for player count.

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