Vinhos Deluxe Review

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Lead your troll hoard to glory by excavating halls and resurrecting statues in this mining game. 

Overview of Board Game

The game has a variety of interesting mechanics from vineyard drafting ?, weather effects ☀️☁️and hiring of workers all to produce the highest quality of wine? for the fair, sales ? and export?. The player with the most VP after 6 years is the winner.

BGG Metrics

  • Weight: 4.04/5
  • Score: 8.2/10
  • Best Player Counts: 4


Vital Lacerda

Game Mechanism

  • Worker Placement
  • Area of Influence
  • Income Generation  


  • As wine makers in Portugal your tasked with developing your estate vineyard and producing wine to sell and take to the fair.
  • The theme  of the game is worked into the mechanics and fits very well together. 
  • The theme is solid, it is not a painted on. 


Have the most hounor (VPs):

  • To produce the highest quality of wines to generate the most VP and money for your Vineyard. 
  • The goals between the two boards are similar though slightly different strategies are used to get there 


  • Double-sided game board
  • Quality themed wooden meeples (wine bottles [Porto & 2010], wine barrels, farmer meeples, oenologist meeples, wineries, wine bottle holder [Porto])
  • Artwork is fitting with easy to understand iconography
  • Cardboard pieces that hold up over time
  • Overall the game has excellent table presence and really takes you into the theme


  • Double-sided board offers great variety
  • Variable vineyard tiles based on number of players, tightens the game
  • The expert tiles and vineyard tiles (for each region -red/white) are shuffled each game
  • Vintage tiles come out in different orders each year
  • 2010 Board
    • Income and Investment track
    • Wine Feature tracks
  • 2016 Board
    • Farmers to upgrade
    • 22 multiplier tokens for end of game scoring
    • Multiplier Tiles

Board Game Replayability Review

8.5 / 10 (Goes the Distance)

  • Based on 17 plays
  • The large variability in the game drives the strong replayability
  • The 2016 game is streamlined and a perfect starting point someone who enjoys mid-weight games
  • The 2010 side requires more strategy and can have more ‘thinky’ decisions
  • The progression from beginner to expert Vinhos’ strategist is only achievable through multiple plays
  • Limited supply of wine barrels can change your strategy from game to game
  • Lots of game decisions that can be tried and perfected over time

This game ‘Goes the Distance’ and earns Marathon Meeples #replayabilityaward . Even after 15 plays of the 2016 board we still find plenty of variety to bring it to the table. With the deluxe version we have only brought the 2010 game to the table 2 times and have not yet explored the  expansion elements. Overall it is a FULL BODIED game!

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