Patchwork Review

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Overview of Game

Build out your quilt by purchasing fabric. But beware, as you have to earn enough ‘button income’ to continue to purchase, as well as make sure to fill up your guilt. Any empty space will be worth negative Victory Points at end of game.

Who is board game for?

  • Enjoy 2 Player Games
  • Tile Laying Games
  • Quick Set-up
  • Preserve Shelf Space

BGG Metrics

  • Weight: 1.6/5
  • Score: 7.7/10
  • Best Player Counts: 2 (2 player game)


Uwe Rosenburg

Game Mechanism

  • Tile Placement
  • Grid Coverage
  • Income Generation
  • Time Swirl


  • Create a Patchwork quilt while gaining a button income.
  • The crafting aspect of Patchwork with buttons as income is well matched theme for the game play


The player with the most buttons after taking into account remaining buttons, spaces open on board and a 7×7 grid bonus is the winner.


  • High quality cardboard polynomial pieces with artwork to match the theme
  • No show of wear on components even after 30+ plays
  • Player boards are cardboard not cardstock
  • Plastic buttons as currency would have upgraded the components over that of cardboard buttons


  • Different strategies from income building, saving ‘time’ on the time swirl, to selecting the cheapest pieces with the most coverage the variety of decision possibilities are evident
  • Time swirl board will alter the number of actions you have each game based on pieces purchased
  • Button economic engine building is variable based on current buttons and the availability of pieces to purchase (you can only purchase 1 of 3).
  • Each game provides different opportunities due to the setup of tiles around the time swirl board
  • Player interaction is high as turn order is based on the Time Swirl and the pieces available to purchase are based on the previous player’s turn
  • It would be nice to have an expansion with additional tiles to swap in and out for added variability

Board Game Replayability

  • Score: 9.5/10
    • Based on 70+ plays
  • It is a light weight tile placement game that is extremely easy to teach with little setup which means gamers and non-gamers alike will have fun
  • The game has a small footprint which is excellent for shelf conservation and travel
  • With everything being made of cardboard it is excellent to play outdoors without worrying about the wind
  • Is brilliantly designed for its specifiednumber of players

This game ‘Goes the Distance‘ and earns Marathon Meeples #replayabilityaward . Even after 70+ plays we still find ourselves reaching for this game multiple times per year. With it’s fast set-up, quick play and meaningful decisions this is a keeper!

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