? Lead your Wolf Pack to victory in Wolves!

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Gameplay and Theme 

In this area of majority, movement and take that game you are moving your wolves around the board for different scoring opportunities.

The various locations for scoring and the need for movement ensures you are solving a puzzle for a moving target throughout the entire game.

The individual actions throughout the game are easy to understand, allowing you to get the game to the table quickly, however it will take you longer to master the ultimate movement of your pack.

I am typically not a fan of take-that games, as I am an engine builder at heart. However, I quite like the combination and flow of this game.

➡️ Production

Amazing production! Custom wolf meeples, high quality cardboard, a great in box sorter. A really well done job.

Individual player receives wooden lairs, dens and wolves, in addition to terrain cards and player boards which come with unique artwork for each wolf (player).

➡️ Replayability

The replayability comes from a few elements including the variable board setup, playing the player and a bot that keeps the game tight at 2. The setup can change where and when to grab points, adding into the mix.

Also, you plain just get better with more plays. We both ‘leveled up’ our strategy in games 4 & 5, and it made for a great experience.

Wolves is an area of majority game with multiple scoring rounds.

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