Anachrony Replayability Review

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Anachrony is a strategic game played over 4-7 turns (each turn has 6 phases) where you are trying to recover from an explosion which exterminated most of the population..

During the game you are building your civilization through four different tracks (military, science, technology and exploration). Can you manage your workers and exosuits to maximize your turns?

Board Game Scores & Ranks:

  • BGG Weight: 3.99
  • Play time: 30-120 Mins
  • Player Count: 2-4 players
  • Year Published: 2017

Anachrony Board Game Designer:

Dávid Turczi

Richard Amann

Viktor Peter

Game Mechanisms:

  • Worker Placement
  • Dice Rolling
  • Resource Management
  • Variable Player Powers

Board Game Theme:

Worker placement with specialize workers including scientists, engineers, administrators and geniuses.

First Impressions

We finally got Anachrony to the table, and my brain still hurts. For a complex game, the rulebook does a very good job explaining everything. The brain hurt didn’t come from having to remember rules here and there, it came from figuring out how to play somewhat efficiently. 

This one’s going to take a number of plays to get the different moving parts in order such as debt, buildings, etc. But I’m really looking forward to diving into this game!

Exo-suit minis are an expansion


After 6x plays

6 plays isn’t enough to give a full review, so please keep that in mind.

And frankly, that’s what makes the Mindclash games we’ve played incredible. There is SO much depth and replayability in the base boxes it’s incredible.

This game comes with one of my all-time favourite inclusions, a different board and action spaces based on player count. I love it when games are tunned to players counts.

If that’s not enough, this game comes with 8 character cards with powers that drastically effect the game, as well as ‘B’ boards that add variety and replayability. We have yet to dive into the B boards, and when we do it will open up almost a whole new game.

The gameplay itself revolves around a unique time travel mechanic, where you borrow against time, and (should) go back and eventually repay the debt. This means you can decide whether to take a certain action this round, but at a cost of owing the resource later or taking the penalty.

The game allows players to construct buildings that are very powerful, and can dictate your game. We shuffle these buildings up between games, and as they come out in different order they can drastically alter the choices and direction we take throughout the remainder of the game.

We have the exosuit mini’s and really love the tactical feel they add to the game.

The value proposition for this game is easily one of the best in gaming IMO. For approx $50 price point for the classic edition you get SO much stuff in the box and just a ton of variety and gameplay. A tremendous value.

Great Player Aids

Who is this game for?

This game is for people who enjoy developing strategies and really digging under the hood of a game. We consider ourselves mid-weight to heavy gamers overall and even after just a handful of plays we can see this rising into our top games of all-time list and a welcome long-term addition to our collection. For those on the fence or concerned with the weight of the game, there are fabulous play throughs on YouTube and player aids.

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