Viticulture our #2 game out of 100 for 2022 gets a new expansion

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Viticulture World Cooperative Expansion

The expansion has added a brilliant element to such a great game. A number of new elements were added to the game including training workers (rather than hiring new workers), a variety or continents, innovation tiles (to make worker action spots more powerful), new mama and papa cards and additional visitor cards (to replace cards that do not work in a cooperative).

In addition, the ability to trade resources between players adds a powerful mechanic to the gameplay and overall strategy. As well as, the combination of victory points and influence force you to build multiple engines to be successful.

Key New Additions include:

? New game board

? Innovation tiles

? Continent decks

?24 hats (untrained workers)

? Solo player content for Automa

New Wake Up Chart

Who is this game for?

I recommend this expansion to anyone who loves Viticulture and is up for a new challenge, as well as all the couples/friends who prefer cooperation and teamwork over that of competition.

If you have never played Viticulture it is a worker placement, contract fulfillment game based on producing wine. Right there that should be enough to convince you that this game paired with your favourite wine should lead to endless nights of fun and if you are not the most successful wine producer, just have another glass.

Innovation tiles on game board and hats on untrained workers

Replayability Review

?Board scales based on player count
?Endless variety of cooperative games (different strategies based on different teammates)
?Randomization of card upgrades available
?Introduction of Innovation tiles which come out randomly
?7 unique continent decks with new variables (you only play one continent per season)
?Relatively straightforward to learn if you know Viticulture


Living in the Niagara wine region in Canada, this is a absolute must own expansion for Viticulture. I will certainly use this as a way to introduce Viticulture to friends as it teaches the basic mechanics without the head-to-head competition aspect.

Continent cards and innovation tiles

Have you played Viticulture World? If so what are your thoughts?

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