In the Hall of the Mountain King Review

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Lead your troll hoard to glory by excavating halls and resurrecting statues in this mining game. 

Overview of Game

In the Hall of the Mountain King is a polynomial route building game that features aspects of Deck Building, Tile Placement and Resource Management, all in a race to earn the most victory points by end of game.

BGG Metrics

  • Weight: 2.8/5
  • Score: 7.9/10
  • Best Player Counts: 3-4


Jay CormierGraeme Jahns

Game Mechanism

  • Cascading Production
  • Tile Placement
  • Resource Management
  • Route Building


Rebuild the abandoned kingdom by digging out collapsed tunnels and caverns to discover buried statues.  Recruit trolls to help you move the statues to places of honor.


Have the most hounor (VPs):

  • Excavating Great Halls
  • Moving statues towards the heart of the mountain through your tunnels
  • Placing statues on matching pedestals
  • Collected in game based on resource type used & length of tunnel built
  • End Game by converting left over resources.


We played the Deluxe Kickstarter Edition. The difference in the editions is that the majority of regular wood components become plastic, an added Gamer Trayz sorter, inclusion of the co-op & solo expansion, as well as a small Kickstarer Exlusive expansion. While these add-ons are well done, the base components & box are more than adequate.

The game comes with a bright double sided board, with one side used for games of 2-3 players and the other for 4+. This is a great inclusion, and something we wish more games included.

Overall the components, cards, board and box are all of a very high quality and are one of the better values in the $40 price range.


  • The games variability is based on the variety of the following:
  • Spell cards
  • Workshops
  • Trolls

Board Game Replayability Review

7.5 / 10 (Goes the Distance)

  • Based on 12 plays
  • There is substantial replayability within the base game. Each game can be quite different due to the various combination of spell cards, workshops and trolls that are available each game.
  • Due to the cascading production one’s strategy must be dynamic based on the card availability and special powers. 
  • That being said, in a two player game the player interaction was medium-low, though at three-four players the interaction and competition can be high.

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