Sail the high seas and dominate in Dead Reckoning

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Theme and Gameplay

?‍☠️Take control of a ship and explore the ocean tiles while striving for control through area of influence mechanics, all while strengthening your crew (cards) by purchasing upgrades (powers) and managing your resources (barrels). You will be upgrading/crafting your 12 cards you start with, rather than buying new cards as you would in a deck builder. Your aim is to collect money through production, completion of goals, battle and control of various islands. The game ends when one player has placed 4 of their 6 achievement tokens out.

Who is this game for?

?‍☠️The game is for gamers who want a challenge to not only perfect their strategy and hand but also engage in an interactive game. There is a tug-of-war for control of islands, therefore, you have to ‘enjoy’ some confrontation.

Replayability Review

⛵ Board scales based on player count
⛵ Variety in the vast combinations of card upgrades
⛵ Play the player (amount of battle/ area control will change the game)
⛵ Randomization of card upgrades available
⛵ Randomization of ocean tiles (game board)
⛵ Little down time as you need to pay attention to other player(s)’ turns and you level up ‘after’ your turn
⛵Relatively straightforward rule set; difficult to master due to the variety of cards and combinations that are available

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